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The guys over at FS2Crew have previewed some new beta shots over on their facebook page today of their Ultimate Ground Ctew X. Although, there are only two previews to be shown, FS2Crew has announced with their product will be the ability to directly control the NW STRG DISC lever in the FS Labs Airbus for realistic operations.

If you’re not already aware Ultimate Ground Crew X will be a similar product to FSDreamTeam’s GSX, however, will not simply replace that, but it will work alongside it in Prepar3D for providing realistic ground crew simulation. At the moment, FS2Crew’s main focus seems to be on pushback simulation.

They have also said that no release date will be announced today, and that they will ‘release it when it’s ready and not a moment sooner.’

Stay tuned for more previews of FS2Crew’s highly anticipated new Ground Crew add-on here at Flightsimcentral.