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Over on the Avsim Forums, Bryan from the team over at FS2Crew took the time to make a post announcing the development of FS2Crew”s FS Labs Edition. In fact, Bryan has stated that the project is already 90% done, and that they have been working on it for the past few months. Bryan himself completed an airbus type rating This will be the first product they have released whereby one of the developers has first-hand experience in the aircraft.

Some other nice features announced by Bryan were that you will be able to fly as pilot monitoring.However, this will only be from Takeoff to Rollout on landing, which is not an unrealistic limitation as many airlines don’t allow FO’s to taxi the aircraft. The only drawbacks being that you can’t do any vectors with the Virtual pilot nor anything other than an ILS approach. Moreover, users will be able to fly from the right seat, they have stated that the simulation of the aircraft will account for this.

Bryan also attached a photo of the Airbus QRH saying ‘this is where your FS2Crew for the FS Labs is coming from’

If you would like to check out the full post head over to the Avsim forums.