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A new aircraft is available to the flight sim community! A new very stunning aircraft, and best part it’s free. The Cessna U 206 Soloy Turbine. It has full GTN 650/750 integration as well as other popular avionics. For more information and to download, head over to this site here. You can read more about the features below. (This was translated from German to English)



What was the first civilian-1 Mot turboprop certification in the US? Everyone immediately thinks of the Cessna 208 Caravan in 1985. Far from it: it was the small businesses Soloy Aviation Solutions in Olympia WA, which started with a so-called STC Supplemental Type Certificate already in 1983, the Cessna 206 with a 417 shp Allison equip 250-C20S turboprop engine. Soloy called this modification Mark 1, which initially consisted of the engine, a new transmission and a Hartzell 3-blade propeller. To date, over 60 Mark 1s were rebuilt. Now the model was first implemented for the flight simulator.

The models

Five different Mark 1 models are included: Basic (Custom) model as a 6-seater amphibian (float / retractable gear), Parachutist with standard tires and roller blind, Parachutist with larger tires and roller blind and Transportation version with tundra tires without seats but with loading.

All models

  • Animations in the exterior and interior model
  • The Allison 250-C2 corresponding sound system
  • A detailed VC with cockpit sounds and mouse, prepared for the use of alternative avionics as F1 GTN 750/650, F1 GNS 530/430, Bendix KLN 90B and RXP Garmin GNS 530/430
  • Individual and prepared according to original models Airfiles
  • Floodlit
  • 3D lights
  • 2048 HD textures – models are designed for 4096 x 4096 pixels
  • Bump textures, gloss effects have been relocated to the model
  • Configuration Tool to enable / disable some parts such as landing gear fairings, GPUs, etc.
  • No 2D cockpit.