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General Airport Information & Introduction

Toronto Pearson is the busiest airport at Canada, handling about 38 million passengers each year. Pearson is the main hub for airlines Air Canada, WestJet, FedEx, and as an operating base Air Transat and Sun wing airlines. The Airport Identifier is CYYZ and its IATA is YYZ.

The long awaited Toronto airport finally here to enjoy amazing destination on such a wonderful country, along with the Canadian Maple Syrup. Fly Tampa with this release, alongside of Montreal had been delivering to simmers amazing moments while flying to this amazing destinations at Canada. But today we are covering Toronto Pearson by Fly Tampa. My expectation is high but we must see what is the truth behind this scenery. We will be reviewing: Performance, features, surroundings, and airport detail. So let’s get started!


The download takes about 440MB and the installation takes around 760MB, and is compatible with FSX, FSX: SE, and P3Dv2.X. FlyTampa had lets us an e option to disable some features as Volumetric 3D Grass, 3D Ramp workers etc… in order to reduce VAS and have more PFS. We will be reviewing this scenery with its 2048 textures native (My CFG is at TML 4096) for this review. Fly Tampa also have a tool that let you resize your textures down to 1024 to reduce VAS usage and help you when it’s come to FPS impact, and it’s available for downloads at Fly Tampa forums.


The manual is half decent. There is plenty on information regarding runways, lengths, distances, frequencies, recommenced settings and how to use the config tool. No airport charts unfortunately though, but we do have Navigraph for that!


Fly Tampa Toronto Features

  • Terminal Interior Models with custom Glass reflection maps
  • Animated 3D Ramp Workers
  • New night lighting technique
  • Animated apron vehicles and static objects.
  • Seasonal ground changes (Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Nearby surroundings with numerous custom buildings.
  • 3D Terrain including tunnels and bridges.

The Airport

These airport is very we’ll modeled and contains nice texturing techniques. The team really knew how to implement photo real textures reflections to show up against the buildings.  The airport looks a little but lonely, but that’s because there was no AI traffic. The most realistic part of the airport is the jetway. Not only are they CTRL+J animated, but FlyTampa have gone to incredible depth to add dirt, lights, windows, scratches, reflections, starts, tubes, fans etc. Included in the pack is the interior of the terminals, the textures aren’t as sharp for FPS purposes. The tower has incredible detail containing scratches and dirt marks. FlyTampa have also added in-depth animations including windsocks and air vents. All windows have really nice looking reflections, with sun glare. Not only that, the interior of the terminal is modeled which looks really nice. Static aircraft are included (can be disable through the config tool). There are service vehicles throughout the airport which have no impact on fps. There are 3D people modeled on the ramp, which just add that extra touch. 



Due the small area around the airport covered by Fly Tampa, there is not much to show. They did include the carpark, the Sheraton hotel (which is not there anymore).



Even the Sheraton Airport Hotel at Toronto was modelled!


The airport blended we’ll with FTX Global, OpenLC, and FS Global 2010.

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Runway and Taxiway Details

The runway and taxiway details we’re well above pleasing. The textures met current FlightSim standards with modeled dirt, tire marks (etc).

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Toronto at Night

Toronto at night was okay, but it felt a little bit dark, especially when taxiing on the taxiways and runways. FlyTampa provide a config tool that you can use to get custom night lights or use ORBX Global’s FTX night lights. The lighting at the gates and terminals were great and we’ll balanced.

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Attention performance may vary depending on your rig and the settings you are running.

Test Bench

Intel Core i7 5820k @ 4.2 GHZ

EVGA NVidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti GB GDDR5 384 Bits ACX 2.0 SC

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 2166 MHz CL11

Cooled by a NZXT Kraken X61 w/ custom profile.

Running Flight Simulator X Steam Edition

The frame rates we’re quite good considering the complexity of the airport and especially Toronto City being an FPS eater. Settings were almost maxed out and even with most demanding aircraft frames declinded to drop below 25. Average FPS was 32.4FPS during the most demanding cases. The VAS Management was alright with PMDG 777 and Active Sky Next weather. The AI was about 30% and 20% for GA. On my handy VAS tool  was showing 80% most of the time. Give or take of course.

Winter Season:

Everyone knows Canada for it’s lovely winter season! Frequent delays delays at Toronto because of snow, now let’s see how Fly Tampa try to mimic that. The airport felt different as soon as I changed seasons. The smoke, the snow, the sky colors etc.….

image67 image68 image69 image70 image71 image72 image73 image74




Fly Tampa Toronto Pearson was just released this year (2015) and it brings a excellent rendition to the community one of the most important airports in North America. Toronto is very detailed and we’ll modeled alongside with its amazing textures. But there are some blurry textures and the FPS impact and VAS Usage for most of the users. Consider keeping your settings low especially autogen to keep your FPS and VAS usable. All the Jetways work but this can be disabled using the useful Fly Tampa configurator but you need to be crazy enough to do this because you want to fly in realistic conditions right? About the night lighting it was well done and balanced neither too bright or dark. And about the how the airport reacted to the seasons was one of the best features that this airport brings to the table. Also remember you can buy this scenery for $29.24 USD here: http://www.flytampa.org/order.html


Modelling 10
Textures 10
Aerial View 8
Night Lighting 7.5
Objects 8
Performance 6.5
Surroundings 7
Details 9
Value for Money 8.5


The airport makes Canada more complete with a really high level of detail and with only a light impact on our system for this grade of scenery. Although it has some lack of surroundings and blurry textures it gives us simmers a nice experience if you want to get as real as it can gets when flying inside or out Toronto, the main airport and well backed by one of the most important airport sceneries around. FlyTampa is the chosen one.