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FlyTampa are one of the most well-known scenery developers out there, and they have a history of producing some of the highest-quality scenery on the market.  Recently they released Corfu, a popular seasonal destination in Greece.  The airport has a single runway, and there is a bit of terrain around the airport, making the approach very scenic, although it isn’t a terrible challenge.  The airport has no jetbridges but instead boards via airstairs.

ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.13.46) ss+(2015-12-08+at+08.14.34)


Installation is the same as all of FlyTampa’s airports.  Follow the steps, enter your serial number when prompted, and check whatever options you want.  After that you’ll be greeted by FlyTampa’s configurator, which will allow you to set the usual options such as animated ramp traffic, 3D grass, surrounding scenery, and more.  Also included is the option to use P3Dv3’s speedtrees, if you have the sim installed.  And it’s something you should consider checking, as those trees are very, very pretty.



This airport looks stunning.  Everything from the ramp textures to the static aircraft are well modeled and well textured, as we’ve come to expect from FlyTampa.  FlyTampa’s work is nothing short of art.  There is no shortage of moving vehicles and people bringing the airport to life, and there is plenty of clutter around the ramp too to further contribute to the excellence.  It’s hard to find anything to criticize about this airport.  I could say that the ramp feels a little “dead” as in there’s not much where the airliners park.  However, a quick overview of Google Maps suggests that that’s how it is in real life, which makes sense.

ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.19.11) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.18.48) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.17.53) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.17.30) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.16.42) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.16.17) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.16.05) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.15.15) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.14.14) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.20.12)


FlyTampa did great work on the surroundings too.  The buildings again are well made and there’s no shortage of them.  A large area is included as well, which makes the views on approach very, very good looking.

ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.23.10) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.22.58) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.22.23) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.21.52) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.21.14) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.20.52) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.19.37) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.19.26) ss+(2015-12-08+at+08.14.15) ss+(2015-12-08+at+08.14.13) ss+(2015-12-08+at+08.14.08)


The night lighting is probably my favorite part about Corfu.  It lights up the ramp perfectly.  One thing that I wanted to point out is that the rotating light on top of one of the animated baggage carts actually illuminates the ground in the right spot as it moves around.  It’s a testament to the attention to detail that FlyTampa put into their airports.

ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.31.18) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.31.10) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.29.25) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.29.16) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.28.34) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.28.24) ss+(2015-12-18+at+12.27.55)


Despite how detailed the airport and its surroundings are, Corfu is still extremely performance friendly.  It left a low VAS footprint on my P3Dv3 and my framerates remained above 40 in the Aerosoft A320’s cockpit as I was coming in on approach.



Corfu costs 24 Euros, or about $26 USD.  The pricetag is fair given the level of detail that Corfu has.  You might be particularly inclined to purchase Corfu if you own FlyTampa’s Athens, as it’s about a 45 minute hop away in a jet.  It’s a great airport for just about anyone though, as the approach is scenic, the performance is friendly, and the visuals are top-notch.


FlyTampa’s Corfu is a work of art.  If you decide to pick it up, then you’re going to be blown away by how beautiful the airport and its surroundings look.  As previously stated, performance is amazing as well.  You can’t go wrong in buying Corfu.

My Specs


Intel Core i7-4790k




Review by Daniel Everman

Special thanks to Ablai McKerrow for providing some of the screenshots in the review.