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Over on the X-Plane.org forums, there seems to be a post with which one of the FlyTampa developers announces conversions of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Las Vegas to X-Plane 11 from Prepar3D. The post was regarding the lack of a good Las Vegas for X-Plane. In response to this, one of the FlyTampa developers seems to say that they will be pushing Vegas, as well as the others already mentioned.

g.emilios(the developer in question) says the following:

I personally loved X-Plane during Corfu development, so we are trying to push Copenhagen/Amsterdam/Vegas into XPlane within the next months”

Although, it’s not set in stone what order these sceneries will come in, it’s clear that FlyTampa is wanting to port over their sceneries to X-Plane.

[the photo provided is of FlyTampa’s Corfu in X-Plane]