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FlightFactor has announced today, over on the X-Plane.org forums, that they have released an update for their A350 aircraft, this update is to version 1.5.1.

This update does only include some small fixes, but it’s nice to see FlightFactor making improvements. The changelog can be seen below.

If you haven’t already purchased the FF A350, you can do so now for $49.95 over on the X-Plane.org site.


  • Fixed possible critical crash on Mac OS 10.14
  • Added new XP11 pop-out windows
  • Fixed the bug with hardware throttles not working
  • Fixed the AP disc not triggering master warning bug
  • Tuned the CG
  • Made all screens pop out
  • Added support for PDF charts
  • Fixed the issue with flight plan origin

Stay tuned here at FlightSimCentral for more news in future.