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Yesterday Flight1 released their GNS430/530 GPS pack. The pack follows the principles of their GTN650/750 package. The Flight1 GNS 430/530 pack includes a 100% accurate simulation of the Garmin GNS series of Aviation GPS systems. Some systems like the weather radar wont work in the simulation, as the GNSes are based on Garmin’s own software and requires a fancy sensor to work. As with the GTN packages, the navigation database cannot be updated through either Navigraph or Aerosoft. If you want to update your navigation data with this unit, you will have to shell out for a real cycle from Garmin.

The GNS430/530 are available as separate purchases for each version and for FSX and P3D. The units will cost $49.95 for FSX and $64.95 for P3D. Do note that the purchase of the GNS 430 wont include the 530 and vice versa.  The units can be bought from Flight1’s store.

One more thing, for the units to work you need to download Garmin’s GNS trainer software. A download link for that is included on the Flight1 Store page.