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So it turns out EZCA is not dead! After the release of FSFXPackages’ ChasePlane, everyone thought EZDok was dead. Think again! As most of you know the current EZCA is not fully compatible with P3D and was a huge pain to set up. This however looks much different and will be a big competitor to ChasePlane! Take a look at the video and see for yourself!


Marniftarr on the SimForums says:

“Hi all !

After long time we will release V2 .
This work was very difficult because need much time for study theme of vibrations and shakes.
We studied during 2.5 years many processes happening in the atmosphere and  we include  those  knowledge to a new engine of effects.
Very great job was done and we will release  version 2  soon which has enormous differences of 1:18