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Russ over at Turbulent Designs was kind enough to provide us with some previews of their ‘imminent’ MBS scenery for FSX and P3D. They seem to be providing some great sceneries thick and fast for the Flight Simulation market and here is another great addon by the looks of things, it’s great to see it go into beta!

“You’ll all be happy to hear that Russ White’s KMBS International Airport is now officially in Beta! We’ve created a collection of screenshots to whet your appetite while we wrap things up. You’ll be seeing a release date imminently!


Check out the forum here for even more details and more screenshots!



Now for the feature list:


  • 2 runway international airport. The primary runway is 8002 feet long, with a secondary cross wind runway of 6400 feet
  • 2320 foot section of surviving world war 2 runway which makes an ideal setting for challenging bush landings
  • The main terminal features a completely modelled interior, true to internal blueprints
  • At the corporate jet apron one of the main hangars has a fully featured interior with open doors, allowing you to start or end a flight inside the hangar, alongside custom modelled parked jets
  • Custom houses, buildings, trees, vehicles etc
  • Colour matched to the surrounding terrain, with matching options for default terrain, Orbx Global and Mega Scenery Earth
  • Satellite imagery is fully compatible and perfectly colour matched to all seasons.
  • The high definition ‘RealFlora’ Custom trees and vegetation automatically change to seasonal variations based on SODE implementation
  • Animated SODE Jetways
  • A brand-new library of service vehicles, cars and trucks populate the airport
  • All airport buildings feature high definition textures and specular effects
  • Runway’s, taxi way’s and apron surfaces are represented with high definition textures
  • MBS airport sits in a rural expanse of fertile land, surrounded by farms and small holdings, This scenery perfectly recreates these visually recognizable landmarks in great detail.
  • The landside detail is as high as the airside detail thanks to an all new clutter library featuring Armco barriers, bollards, fencing, commercial waste receptacles and other items which all together faithfully recreate the feel of a busy airport environment.


KMBS – International Airport will be released on the Turbulent Designs website here:




Stay tuned for a release date and pricing!”