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Dazzle Colour Game is a chinese studio and this is there 5th release, thanks to this people which just make China a more beautiful destination for simmers and with a high quality airport. Some airport modelling, textures and night lighting maps need to be improved but they have a good heading of what they are doing.

Changchun Longjia International Airport is an airport in Jilin Province, China, it is an aviation hub in China’s Civil Airport System.  The scenery features:

FSX/P3D both support
Custom reflection (specular) maps
Delicate night effect & shadow
New design concept of terrain
Texturing in HD mapping for all buildings, shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on all buildings.
Custom reflection maps and customized global environment map (FSX)
Excellent night effects.
Surroundings extremely detailed.
High resolution ground textures

You can Buy it here! for $27.96 USD.