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Dai Media had just released their last project that is one of the airports for Xplane – 10 with a really high quality for this sim. This project had been around development for around 8 months and was released today you can buy it here. Dai Media El Prat.

Features of LEBL X-Plane Barcelona

  • Layer Ortofoto 20cm/pix
  • 2 terminals and lot of buildings high detailed and textured but optimised (specular maps for windows).
  • All animated local jetways with objects on ramp.
  • 3 runways actives customized.
  • Custom navigation oblects, all light markings and ground markings.
  • Volumetric 3D grass and local vegetation.
  • Static and dynamic vehicles, e.g. buses, baggage carts, services, firefighters, police, medical, etc.
  • Custom roads with custom trafiic in airport roads.
  • Scalable options acording your X-Plane confirguration.
  • Option static aircrafts traffic enabled or disabled