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10379750_460336904102721_7058320170970312595_oEarlier this morning the CEO of Arabian Airlines (virtual) message us and explaining what had happened with the scenery and how Contrail Simulations are not following agreements and what not. Arabian Airlines can not promise that Contrail Simulations will ever complete the scenery.

You can read Arabian Airlines full press release below:

“Arabian Airlines Press Release July 18, 2015
ContrailSimulations OJAI/OJAQ Scenery for FSX

Arabian Airlines contracted Contrail Simulations in 2013 for the creation of the OJAI and OJAQ airport bundle for FS9 and FSX. To date, only the FS9 OJAI scenery was offered for sale, and only then for a temporary period of time before being pulled from SimMarket. Despite Arabian Airlines’ best efforts, it has been unable to convince ContrailSimulations to fulfill its contractual obligations and finally complete the OJAI and OJAQ bundle for FS9 and FSX. Despite our many requests, ContrailSimulations has refused to hand Arabian Airlines the master files to which it is entitled under the Agreement between them. Moreover, ContrailSimulations has refused to answer our repeated requests for the status of the scenery.

We understand that many in the flight simulation community paid for this scenery and even purchased the FS9 version in anticipation of also receiving the FSX version. At this point in time, Arabian Airlines cannot say with any certainty that ContrailSimulations will ever release or even complete the OJAI and OJAQ sceneries. However, Arabian Airlines is now working to secure alternate arrangements to have a more reputable and trustworthy scenery developer complete the project and honor the purchases of previous ContrailSimulations customers.

Arabian Airlines would like for the flight simulation community to know that it takes the trust and confidence of its members and followers very seriously. Arabian Airlines will explore its legal options against ContrailSimulations to enforce both the terms of the Agreement and at the very least retrieve the master files for the scenery so that an alternative developer can continue the work and finally release the product. As with all options, however, there is no guarantee of success.

Arabian Airlines will keep you updated on the situation and provide press releases as new information becomes available.”