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Blue Sky Star Simulations have released their latest sound pack. The new sound pack is for the Aerosoft Airbus A320/21 CFM engines. Although the product does work with the A318/A319 as they have really similar engines, just different thrust ratings. Blue Sky Star Simulations have confirmed an A32X Family IAE engine type sound pack, coming out in the near future. You can buy the product over at their site for $16.99.

This is the best soundpack we will see for the Airbus.

“This pack features all sounds that are present in real aircraft – inside and outside. All sounds are recorded from real aircraft with the help of our real time pilots and ground personnel. Then the sounds are digitally mastered as to remove unneeded ambient noise.

CFM56-5 series turbofan engines:
– Pre-recorded from real aircraft and modeled according to the real phases of CFM56 turbine.
– Tested by pilots and by musicians of course. Only music ears can hear the true difference in pitch and volume change.
N1 and N2 modeled separate, you will hear fan sounds (N1) when needed, and you will hear much faster responder – N2 (the compressor).
– All external engine sounds are different depending on location – front, mid, back, inside and outside all 360, everything has its own corresponding sounds.
– Real vibration brought to you by lows and highs, feel yourself inside real aircraft!”