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General Aircraft Information & Introduction

The Cessna Corvalis is the main competitor of the Cirrus SR22 GTS.  The Corvalis is a bit more expensive and doesn’t come with the parachute like the SR22 does, but still performs better and more efficiently. The max range of the Corvalis is 1254 NM, it’s max operating speed is 254 knots, and its certified ceiling is FL250. You can find more about the Corvalis performance in the Alabeo manual or from Cessna’s comparison against the Cirrus which can be found here. Cessna Comparison.

The main reason I’m so excited and grateful Alabeo releasing this aircraft is because of its size and how its performs, meaning I can do IFR and VFR fast or slow without any problem, using the Garmin GPS or Visual Flight charts and maybe some dead reckoning.

But did Alabeo develop a complete aircraft? Let’s find out!


Note this review was made with version 1.1 where several fixes were applied. You can find out more here. Flight Sim Central – Alabeo Corvalis v1.1 Update

The aircraft comes with a simple installer that has a download size of about 270 MB. It’s a triple installer which mean it’s compatible with P3Dv1.4, FSX, and P3D v2.X; but in my P3D v3 it worked out, using the migration tool. An internet connection is required to install the product. The C400TT includes the aircraft itself, 6 HD liveries, and the manual. The installation includes: 6 HD liveries, 1 Blank texture, and the manuals which can be found on the aircraft folder at Sim Objects.


The manual

TheCorvalis manual is great and detailed it comes with 5 different pdfs which are recommended to read before flying as it explain you the C400TT limitations, emergency and normal procedures, how the Alabeo G1000 works, and how the autopilot systems in this aircraft performs. Yes, I read all those pages in order to set-up this aircraft correctly and know how to fly it correctly.


Start-up and take-off

As listed we did the Preflight Inspection procedures and followed the normal procedures checklist that was aboard on our Garmin GPS, you may also print them.  The PDF files are at the SimObjects / C400TT Folder.




Cruise and Flight Dynamics

The aircraft itself was very light as it was supposed to be, and has an incredible amount of horsepower on its engines. The aircraft feels smooth and I feel its flight model was very accurate.I experienced a stable cruise and let’s be clear I had been already around 30 hours of flights with this baby.


Aircraft system and navigation

About the 98% of the buttons here are clickable and do work. I experienced some bugs, mostly with the electrical system and fuel. Sometimes the aircraft shut down its entire electrical system and I needed to use the alternators, so they’re necessary for your flight or you may experience this! But the problem was this also was happening even with alternators on. The Garmin GPS System is great and works as it should but in a basic level in its features such as topography, terrain and traffic radar. There are some VNAV buttons but they don’t work, also the NAV button didn’t follow my waypoint when I inserted to it on my FPL, instead most of the time I was flying using the HDG + AP. Another issue that I suffered was the fuel loading system, I may have above 30% of fuel left but it will throw me that I have low fuel in my tanks Left or right, sometimes both. I noticed in order to fix this you`ll need to add above 50% of fuel, which will make your aircraft weight go higher and affect your performance.

image11 image10

image9 image8

image13 (1)

IFR and VFR flights

The aircraft is great for almost all types of flights. Why? It’s simple, the Corvalis is a single engine propeller aircraft, you can control its mixture, it’s light, powerful, has a long range, it comes with an integrated Garmin GPS which you can use to insert your DME, NDB and VOR for those who like to use it, and has three very common gauges from the six pack.

image16 image15 (1) image5

Aircraft Details

The aircraft itself came packed with a lot of details, it seems Alabeo was very careful during the development process.

image14 (1)

Night Lighting

The night lighting was a bit below my expectations but the cockpit looks marvelous, I was disappointed more about how the cabin brightness was low and the exterior lights.

image19 image20 image18 image17


I watched some Corvalis videos before writing this, and I must say the sound are very realistic and they adapt well to surround devices using 5.1 or 7.1 without any problem, making your experience more realistic.


I want to remark that this review was done under Prepar3D v2.5 running with 4096 textures and using the following rig and add-ons.

PC Specs:

Intel Core i7 5820k @ 4.2GHZ, cooled by a Kraken X61 w/ custom profile.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 2111 Mhz.

EVGA NVidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB GDDR5 384 Bits ACX 2.0 SC Stock clocks.

Rose will Quark 750w 80+ plus Platinum.

MSI Gaming 7 X99S.

Running with Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bits


Active Sky Next SP4

REX 4 Soft Clouds

FTX Global 

OpenLC Alaska and U.S.A, Europe

FTX Vector

FS Global 2010

The benchmark was done and calculated by Fraps.

Virtual Cockpit average FPS: 40 FPS

External View average FPS:  60 FPS

The verdict

First I want to thanks Alabeo for giving us the review copy, and that the keep up the nice work making these types of aircraft for the Flight Sim community! Now let’s go the aircraft was nice and simulates what the Corvalis C400TT is, but if you´re looking for something like A2A-level realism this isn’t for you. This aircraft’s realism is not default but isn’t that high either, this was done for every type of user from beginner to experienced. Continuing, the model and the sounds are excellent, and the Garmin also was very well done. Its performance took me down some fps but nothing I didn’t expect given the resolution I was running and the aircraft has. There are some bugs and issues which I expect Alabeo fix soon with the 1.2 update.


  • High-resolution textures.
  • High-quality modelling.
  • Excellent sound.
  • The Garmin’s GPS was well done despite the bugs.
  • The aircraft details.


  • Fuel and electrical bugs.
  • No Prepar3Dv3 installer available.
  • Night lighting could have been better.