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Aerosoft, a large vendor well known for making everything from aircraft to scenery. Aerosoft return once again with Rome (Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport) ICAO: LIRF | IATA: FCO. Rome Fiumicino Airport, also simply known as Fiumicino Airport, is the largest international airport of Italy and the 8th busiest airport in Europe. Rome Fiumicino is the principal hub of Alitalia, the largest Italian airline and also a hub for Vueling a low cost Spanish based airline. The airport has an interesting layout with four runways – 16L/C/R and 34L,C,R on the other side. The fourth runway is positioned in the middle of airport (07/25). The airport has three terminals – (T1, T2, T3 and T5).


The airport can be bought from the Official Aerosoft store, only downloadable, expect the box edition to come soon. It sells for €21.81 EUR. A very fair price, considering the airport and it’s size. The package comes with one installer, which is compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, Prepar3D v2 and V3 – YES YOU READ IT RIGHT, IT’S COMPATIBLE WITH V3! Like all Aerosoft installers, this one is straight forward and easy. Just enter your email and serial as the installer runs, and you’re good to go. This installer also has options to enable HD textures and 3D Grass (Volumetric Grass) – If you have a lower end PC, for performance – please do disable these.
12072600_10156181955000192_8848735619699096816_n 12108787_10156181954995192_8363880238517730450_n


The manual is on par with most other developers and scenery addons. It comes in two languages, English and German, and has in depth information regarding settings and config tools. It also has full information regarding frequencies (ILS, VOR etc) and an in depth installation guide. Along with that you get a separate PDF called charts, that has 86 pages worth of charts. Departure, Arrival, Ground, ILS. It has everything. Overall, the manual is great.


Now the Airport….

I’ve loved Rome since Aerosoft released it for FS2004 way back! They did promise an FSX version soon after but that never happened, instead they said they would re-do it from scratch – and it’s just awesome! I was keen to see how well Aerosoft made use of Prepar3D V3 and whether they added anything new like CTRL + J jetways? Short answer – no. AES will be available for FSX users soon, but P3D users – unfortunately nothing available to you guys. Aerosoft did a fantastic job incorporating Prepar3D v3 though. The VAS is just superb! One of the best I’ve seen by far. Tested using P3D V3 it was better than La Palma or Ibiza for some strange reason. The airport is decent, and the modelling and textures seem to be good. It’s great to see Aerosoft adding more details, and trying to improve their scenery quality. It was fantastic for the price paid, but not everything is perfect right? Moving Jetways for P3D users was one of them, the other issue was: the airport had great FPS but seemed like some people encountered some stutters for some strange reason. Maybe a hotfix will do the job. For now, enjoy the beautiful screenshots and yes you do see the Avatar! (Thanks to a friend – Jon Murchison for providing the photos)

12144733_10156182018505192_2317582412654489626_n 12144702_10156182099205192_527466735084143467_n 12144710_10156182099170192_5424795370065102459_n 12122712_10156182097290192_5727300189233198999_n 12122543_10156182099585192_5159172426783103473_n 12119110_10156182098805192_2204397299239150048_n 12115956_10156182099155192_1185046836576718538_n 12108962_10156182098830192_628119834879272547_n 12105967_10156182018345192_8585346652711785543_n 12105779_10156182099530192_7338518074824132326_n 12105760_10156182097630192_8607370161220229528_n 12079641_10156182098065192_8052722686354775597_n 12079142_10156182097650192_4671816727665997588_n 12074733_10156182097625192_2098578593735787421_n 11231028_10156182018520192_1438637399983675466_n 12074655_10156182099580192_7005638114887090338_n

Nearby Area

Not much is seen in the surrounding area, but you do see some custom textures around the runway entry lights, which look nice coming into. They have included fences and signs which just boost the environment and add extra realism. Modeled cars and car parks have been included and also a train! As seen in the images. Some nearby buildings (a couple) have been modeled just next to the train station. Other than that, not much else has been included.12122618_10156182098310192_5938610542999222200_n 12118758_10156182097970192_6010245645147746608_n 12107104_10156182096930192_4369231164554444427_n 12074583_10156182098240192_4300223739233912103_n 22229_10156182097975192_1200935092289766389_n

Rome at Night

Rome at night is just beautiful. This is where Aerosoft hit the ball straight out the park. The night lighting is just drop dead beautiful. Similar to what you see at Zurich V2. If you love flying at night, and enjoy the volumetric lights we have seen with FlyTampa and FlightBeam, then by all means. It’s a must. Enjoy the beautiful shots of Rome at night.


You can see the voumetric light kick in

12109252_10156182098370192_4640837395659177758_n 12072811_10156182098460192_7582521901451326527_n



  • Airport and local city objects
  • Fully detailed rendition of Rome Fiumicino Airport (LIRF)
  • High resolution ground textures (2048×2048 pixels)
  • Photo real terrain coverage of close airport area
  • Very realistic night lighting, based on real pilot’s point of view
  • Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and ground
  • Great balance between quality and performance
  • Fully compatible to all major traffic add-ons
  • Compatible to FSX and Prepar3D v2 or v3
  • AESLite (FSX only)


Owners of the Mega Airport Rome for FS2004 have the possibility to use our upgrade service. Just enter the serial key of the FS2004 version during the order process (above the selection of the payment method) and you will pay just 12,56 € (without VAT) / 14,95 € (incl. 19% VAT)*.


Works with ORBX FTX Global, OpenLC Europe and has full support for the following platforms:

  • Flight Simulator X (FSX)
  • Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition (FSX:SE)
  • Prepar3D V2+ (P3D V2.X)
  • Prepar3D V3


Ahhh, Performance. What everyone wants to know. Straight out of the box, this airport performs wonders. I’m running Prepar3D V3 and as you all know the VAS has been improved crazy. Running nearly MAX settings, Rome runs fantastic. FPS we’re in the 30s most of the time, but the occasional drop to 25 ish. Another thing I noticed was micro stutters with Rome. Again some people say they get micro stutters, others say Rome ran smooth. So it really depends on the system your running Rome on. VAS at this airport was mind blowing It was fantastic. After a flight from Ibiza, on final approach VAS was only 70%. Which was crazy. Departing Rome in the 777-300ER, VAS at the gate was 70% and climbed up to 75% when on the active. Considering the 777 is VAS heavy, the airport handled it very well. Like mentioned earlier, if you do struggle with FPS or have a lower end system, it is highly recommended you DISABLE HD textures and 3D grass. As this can drag down frames and cause stuttering. The airport overall runs extremely well, and highly recommended it.


Rome is Europe’s 8th busiest airport, and to now have proper scenery for it is great. If you want to own another huge international airport in Europe, Rome is the right choice. With lot’s of short hops within Europe and long haul flights to USA, Hong Kong the middle east – Rome is great. To top it off, the Performance and VAS is great and will let you do your long haul flights. Highly recommended.


Most Products come with Official Videos showcasing the product. Below we’ve attached some videos for you to watch, just in case you prefer them over screenshots. Videos by: (Pilot777X)