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Aerosoft has released their latest scenery for Prepar3D v4, this comes as another product in their line of Professional products for P3D v4! This is now the most up-to-date of three versions of Geneva for P3D and looks to be the best as well (others include FSDreamTeam and RFScenerybuilding).

Aerosoft has provided us with a detailed rendition of Switzerland’s second busiest airport, operating as bases for easyJet Switzerland and Swiss, catering to a whole heap of European airlines both passenger and cargo. This scenery has been produced in cooperation with developer PAD-Labs.

Features of the airport are listed below. Aerosoft Geneva may be purchased from Simmarket for EUR23.49 (without VAT) and comes as an installer of 545MB in size.


  • Detailed rendition of the airport
  • Photo-realistic ground textures based on aerial images (0.3 m/pixel)
  • Seasonal colouring of ground and vegetation
  • All buildings and airport facilities
  • Photo-realistic textures for buildings, vehicles, etc.
  • Faithful nav aids (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, ATIS)
  • Complete taxiway and runway signage
  • “High speed taxiways” for rolling off the runway at higher speeds
  • Animated radar systems and windsocks
  • Animated vehicle traffic at and around the airport
  • ADGS – Aircraft Docking Guidance Systems
  • Animated jetways, movable via CTRL+J
  • Optionally animated jetways via SODE
  • Faithful runway and taxiway lighting
  • Traffic roads with ground traffic signs
  • Optimised for good performance
  • Compatible with Switzerland professional
  • Tools for optimising performance
  • DynamicDisplayEngine for airport lights depending on time of day and weather conditions