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It’s now official, you can take the Aerosoft A330 off your Christmas list. To be honest with you, there was no way a 2015 release was going to happen considering they started the project earlier in the year. Sit tight for now.¬†Mathijs posted in the forums earlier today saying:

“We just had a big meeting on projects. It’s been decided to give the A330 more time and plan for a release somewhere in 2016 (when still has to be decided). The reason is rather basic, some parts of the project were running late and inserting more resources would create new risks. I rather stay with the current people and give them more time. Its also a better guarantee for good quality, not only because rushing people never works, but also because most of the systems will be available long before release and can be tested for a long duration.

Over all I am still very happy with progress and content. All of the main limitations we had in the A320 range are removed (winds etc), there are more options like independant displays and MCDU etc. Keep in mind we are still 100% standard operations only, so we simulate a standard flight and not a simride where pilots are tested or trained.”