03“X-Plane 10.40 beta 4 is out now – if you are running X-Plane 10.40 beta 3 you can auto-update. The release notes are updated, but a few highlights:

– The QPAC FMC is fixed and will have procedures for airports again.
– A bunch of improvements to METAR parsing.
– Fixed crashes in Plane-Maker.
– Plane-Maker’s classification screen has the tail number fixed.

There are still a bunch of things we’re working on, but I wanted to get this beta out to get the QPAC users going again.

Please report bugs on the bug reporter, not in the blog comments. If you are not sure if something is a bug,report it. (Do not post to the blog with “I saw X, and Y, and Z, should I report a bug?” Just report it!)

If you see reproducible FPS loss between 10.36 and 10.40, please set yourself up with identical setups and if you can still see the loss, report a bug. Since beta 3 we had several performance-loss bugs, but most of them were unreproducible.”