QualityWings has updated us that work on some liveries that have been collected are available for preview. We leave you simply with their facebook post and the photos listed. Don’t forget to check out the Forum Post HERE to see if your livery is on the list!

“I FINALLY had some time during my “vacation from work” to “work” on these liveries. These were supposed to be done almost a year ago, but for various reasons haven’t been able to get to these. Felt a bit rusty to start, but like ‘ole times for me…once I get in a bit of groove I can’t stop. 10 liveries done this weekend and with any luck, I can finish up my queue within the next week so I can focus on some other things. I’m looking forward to Vietnam and KLM in particular.For those of you who paint, I’m confident that this kit will be a joy to work with. I’d like to include an introduction video to accompany the kit to show some of the tricks when using it. Will see things play out.

Enjoy the preview pics. If you’re interested in the livery list, the FINAL list can be found here.

If you’r favorite airline isn’t on the list, I apologize in advance. Only airlines that will get the 787 were chosen and I tried to pick popular airlines and also make sure all regions were represented.

If your favorite airline doesn’t have the 787 yet, maybe it will by the time we release ours (HA…HA…HA)”