Prepar3D V3

Prepar3D V3 comes in a zip file sized at 9.816 GB (9.8GB). Like all Prepar3D installers, the usual run and activate. Looking at the pictures you can tell, VAS usage is better in V3, by a lot. The first picture is running Prepar3D v2, after a clean install and config with no tweaks, only running REX 4. The second picture shows Prepar3D v3 running with a clean config and no tweaks, but with addons such as REX 4, ORBX Global etc. With Prepar3D you also see a brand new design introduced. Featuring new fonts, new startup screens + a new icon on your desktop which looks great! Not to mention a huge changelog with all previous bugs fixed and introducing a new avatar feature, which enables a walk around feature. If you want the full changelog, refer to the bottom of the post.

Like all Prepar3D versions you get three license options – Academic, Professional and Professional plus. Price + tables are below!

Prepar3D Professional Prepar3D Professional Plus
Professional License
Academic License
Developer License
Professional License
Developer License
Training, Instruction,
Simulation, Learning
Check Box Check Box
Graduate Student
Training, Instruction
Simulation, Learning
Check Box Check Box
Undergraduate Student
Training, Instruction
Simulation, Learning
Check Box
K-12 Student
Training, Instruction
Simulation, Learning
Check Box
Check Box Check Box
Personal Consumer


As you are aware, Prepar3D requires very little to no tweaking, and with V3 it stays the same. Although you will have more to handle as you get a new tweaking tool, so you can play with the HDR lighting system. Other than that, play with your sliders and don’t be afraid to go higher as VAS has been a non-issue with v3. Once that’s all done you good to go!

We will continue to analyze Prepar3D + provide you more information as it rolls in! For now, enjoy!


Prepar3D V2 after a clean install and config with no tweaks.


Prepar3D V3 running latest build with clean config, and running some addons (REX 4, ORBX Global etc)

Compatible Addons:

(Please note this list will continue to grow as addons are stated compatible)

  • ORBX FTX Global
  • ORBX FTX Vector
  • ORBX FTX Landclass (Europe, NA)
  • ORBX Airports (Works, but has missing objectflow)
  • ORBX Regions
  • PMDG 737
  • PMDG 777
  • Aerosoft Airbus Series
  • FSDreamteam + FlightBeam (All installers)
  • REX 4
  • REX Soft Clouds
  • EZDOK Camera Addon

Video’s showcasing Prepar3D and some of it’s new features!


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