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I.D.S – Sacramento looking good

The latest image of Sacramento has been upload, and it does look good! I.D.S are also working on Manchester and Brussels! I would imagine release is not far...

Aerosoft CRJ – Livery Previews

It looks like the Aerosoft CRJ is one step closer to release! I'm sure we all know Holgi or, he did nearly all the repaints for the A320 serie...

Azurafiles – Almaty Previews + Video

Azurafiles, the guys that made Vagar Airport last year are now working on Almaty. The project it self was announced early 2014, but were working on many air...

FS2Crew NGX Reboot Update 7 July 2015

We are extremely close to the Reboot launch of the NGX Voice add-on made by FS2Crew. The developers have let us know that the entire program has been re-made fr...

Active Sky Next SP3 B5666 for P3D Update!

Any Prepar3D users have their Active Sky Next crash on them since the last update? Well, Hifi Tech Inc. has a fix for you. Jump over to the Development Section ...

TFDi Design – 717 preview

TFDi Design are the guys who make the smartCARS software for Virtual Airlines! Well since around a year ago they have been working on there Boeing 717 proje...