All the big news this weekend so far, and Orbx have decided to join in! A new way for you to purchase Orbx products using OrbxDirect. The site is still continuously being developed, but is looking very clean, sleek and modern at the moment. Not to mention FTX Central V3 too. You can read all about it here, or down below.

“Hi all,
We’d like to introduce you to a new way to purchase Orbx products. We’re calling this OrbxDirect.
Simplicity is key. We’ve made it as simple as possible to purchase products and have them stored in your Orbx account.
Our homepage was getting a bit cluttered, so we decided to move all of our products into easy to find categories which are accessible via the “products” menu at the top of the page. The new website is also faster and better looking on mobile devices.QH9ErqBWhen you’re on the categories page, you’ll find the products grouped by their product type, and then displayed in large cards with the simulator compatibility easily viewable.lFCsRAZProduct pages have received an upgrade too! We have bold, larger thumbnails for our product screenshots.LR2QU6RProducts can be purchased using credit card or PayPal. Please note: we won’t support any other forms of payment such as bank transfer.HIsxuSm
Once you have purchased a product, it is then stored in your Orbx account, where it can be downloaded easily via FTX Central v3, or using a manual .zip download.sVRzLRG
Freeware has not been forgotten. Each freeware item now has its own independent product page.AB3gxgaFTX Central v3HsuZ5reWe have a lot of improvements planned for FTX Central v3. We started to experiment with downloading product updates in FTX Central v2, but we’re taking this a step further in FTX Central v3. You will now be able to download your entire Orbx product library via FTX Central.
Coupled with a UI refresh, this will be our biggest FTX Central update yet!

Migration from The FlightSim Store

We’ve been working with The FlightSim Store to easily migrate a customer’s Orbx products into an Orbx account. This is not an automatic process and it will require your permission to opt-in to the OrbxDirect store before we can access your FlightSim Store data. We will have an easy to use online wizard to help with this migration. Once migrated, all your purchase history with The FlightSim Store will move to OrbxDirect.

Physical DVDs

We will continue to outsource the shipping of physical, plain wrapper DVDs to The FlightSim Store.
If you’re a new first-time Orbx customer, the process is even easier – just create an account and you’re good to go.
It’s important to note that Orbx products will no longer be available to purchase from The FlightSim Store once the OrbxDirect store goes live. We anticipate this to be sometime in August. Stay tuned for more information.”