Earlier today, Orbx CEO John Venema posted an update on what’s happening at Orbx with key developments going on in the background. The update is lengthy and covers a whole chunk of information. You can find the forum post here, or read the full update below:

“Hello everyone,

I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on key developments going on in the background so you’re all up to speed with stuff.

1. FTX Central V2.1 Migration

This is the big doozie :)  We have had over 8,000 customers migrate to FTXCv2.1 and about 1-2% of customers have experienced post-migration issues ranging from mild to severe. Let me apologise to those 1-2% because it was never our intention to cause a single person disruption to their enjoyment of the sim nor have people resort to re-installs. We’re genuinely sorry that things have gone awry for you.

Ben has been back at work for a nearly a week and we’re testing his diagnostic tool. Here’s a beta screenshot of what to expect when you run the tool:


Ben, Ed, Eugene and the testing team are currently working hard to tie down any loose ends, missing files, migration issues and also testing on clean-install machines versus complex-install machines. We will try to get this tool into your hands ASAP since we MUST have this resolved and everyone happily using unified lookup before we can move onto new product releases that depend on it.

2. Last of the P3DV3 airport ports

These are just about done, Ed’s just finalising the installers and then we will be finished with what has been a massive task for Ed, the developers and the testers. I know it’s taken a lot longer than many people wanted but we’re pleased to have made it across the line finally. Expect Ed’s release announcement any day now, and thanks again for being so patient with us.

3. openLC North America

The big one! You’ve been spammed many beta shots of the southern half and testing is progressing well; most testers are reporting an almost perfect match between Google Earth and the landclass they are testing, so that bodes well for a release in the next few weeks. Please note that some features like missing beaches etc will be patched in an upcoming Vector release since that’s a different development team in charge of those aspects.

Logistically, every customer who already has openLC NA Alaska/Canada installed will only have to download the new southern NA zip files from their FSS accounts once they purchase the second part of NA. We are placing the new 3D lighting tech layer in a high priority scenery layer so it automatically upgrades both the FTX NA regions and also openLC Alaska/Canada. The installer will take care of all the housekeeping for you.

Note that openLC NA will require you to be using the new unified lclookup and FTX Central V2.1, so that’s why our focus is to resolve those issues as soon as possible.

Finally please remember all owners of openLC NA Alaska/Canada will get an automatic AU$22.50 discount on the southern part. You still have time to purchase openLC NA Alaska/Canada to qualify for the discount.

4. FTX Central V3 and OrbxDirect webstore

Once Ben has resolved all customer issues with FTXCv2.1 and migration,  his focus will return to the new FTX Central V3 and the integrated website/OrbxDirect store. I can promise you that we won’t be going live with this new way of buying Orbx products until I’m personally satisfied the infrastructure is rock solid and the payment gateway is secure and seamless. In the meantime it will be business as usual with Flightsimstore.com (FSS) so nothing changes until we’re ready. If that means the new FTXC/website/store is pushed out to August, September or October, that’s just the way it will be to ensure a smooth transition.

In the meantime these forums and the website will be moving to new hosted servers with better bandwidth and resilience. We are aware of several glitches with the forums and these will be addressed in due course. There’s a lot happening in the background in Orbx-land but in the end things will settle down and run a lot smoother.

We may invite a group of a hundred or so customers to beta-test the new store, and this will involve migrating their FSS accounts to OrbxDirect and then making a purchase in the new store. We will naturally offer a discount to those customers for offering to be guinea pigs for us :)

The thing that will be exciting for all our customers will be the seamless way in which you browse the new website, click on a purchase, checkout your basket and then let FTX Central V3 do its magic in the background while you continue to fly. You’ll get an alert once a product is ready to use and that’s about as complex as it gets. The wrapper system will be gone, it’s a case of browse, click, buy, fly.

5. VECTOR 1.4

This is finally ready for release and includes an option in the configurator to disable FTX Australia for max compat. There is a huge amount of customer-driven fixes in 1.4 and the wait will be worth it. Please don’t stop reporting bugs you find such as missing lakes, beaches, rivers – anything that is not in the current dataset is open to be patched into V1.5, 1.6 etc.

Ed should be announcing the availability any day now. Thanks again to our customer community for helping us make this a better product with every release! UPDATE: This has now been released: 

6. New product releases

June/July has always been a traditionally quiet period for Orbx release but we have some major products due in the next month and beyond such as openLC NA, FTX Germany North, LDDU Dubrovnik, ENNK Narvik, YMML V3, L05 Kern Valley SCA, KBSA Santa Barbara, FTX BuildingsHD, Cityscape Cote ‘dzur to name a few. There’s a lot more other unannounced projects in the works from ‘Tim and Ken The Experience Men’, Jarrad Marshall, Alex Goff, Andreas Hegi, Scott Armstrong, Misha Cajic and more. Early prep work is already underway for openLC South America and FTX Germany South as well.

I hope this fills in a few blanks and assures you we’re busy bees in the background.

Yours in updates.”