As a lot of you may know, FlightSimCon is currently underway. The P3D V2 & 3 was filled with posts all related to FlightSimCon. The most popular event being the Quality Wings 787, no surprise. 

You can find video recorder by Alec Liberman as well as by David Graham. Thank you very much for sharing it along with 1000’s of people who were not able to attend.

Below you will find video’s of the 787 recorded by Alec and David. If you can not view them, simply request to join the P3D V2 & 3 Group. The YouTube video is by David, the rest are by Alec.


Programming the 787 FMC

The 787 Part 2

Landing the 787 

Alec also shared this thoughts on the 787, a quick review shall you call it.

“Very quick review: the systems blew me away. The flight controls and the fly-by-wire is amazing; fully simulated, won’t let me roll the plane more than 60 degrees unless you turn off the flight computers. The flaps and such are very realistic. The modeling is incredible; almost PMDG 777 quality. The exterior modelling is superb – overall amazing addon, I cannot wait! Any other questions?”

David also got a beautiful shot of the TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System)

“787 has lovely TAWS”13403302_1232472990120291_808375341075370526_o

No release date was provided, yet. If you have any questions,  feel free to post them below, and we will try get Alec and David to answer them for you.