Today MK Studios have unveiled some new previews of an upcoming update to Madeira, their scenery that released earlier this month. Some of you may know that there is going to be a renaming of Madeira’s International Airport, in real life. As this Wednesday Cristiano Ronaldo (the famous Portuguese footballer) will be inaugurating the Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo Airport. As this update of the airport is coming just a few weeks after the release of MK Studios’ version they have announced they are working on V1.03 to bring forth the new airport logo and other fixes needed for the scenery


-Afcad adjustments (FSX and P3D),
-Papi lights appear as square from far fixed (FSX),
-3D grass added (FSX),
-Taxiway centerline lights fixed (FSX),
-New taxiway markings added to match current airport state (FSX and P3D),
-Airport name changed (Madeira Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo),
-New airport logo added (FSX and P3D),
-Porto Santo windmils added.
-Slope wall resolution adjusted (FSX and P3D),
-Runway lights red type added at runway endings (FSX and P3D).

As well as the announcement of this update, MK Studios were also able to provide us some previews of what to expect from this update (which can be seen above).
For more information visit the MK Studios Facebook page.