Looks like Flight1 has released a major patch for their FSX/P3D Garmin GPS unit to 1.10. This update also includes an Update Tool that apparently makes things a bit easier and more automated. We included a full changelog below so make sure to read up. If you don’t own it, check out the Review  & Tutorial HERE by FightorFlight.

Update can be found Here (states 1.09, rest assured it is 1.10 and Flight1 has not updated their web page)


Version 1.10
-Added support for the F1UpdateTool, any update to FSX:SE/P3D will no longer need a download and reinstallation of the gauges. Running the tool will update the version to accommodate new and future simulator changes.
– Fixed a bug where variables were not synchronized with rotorocraft
– Fixed some minor internal path issues

Announcing the F1 GTN Update Tool

Flight1 is pleased to announce the Update Tool for the GTN.
This is the surprise that we have been talking about.

This is a small tool that will resolve all compatibility problems with future versions of FSX:Steam Edition and Prepar3D.
Once a new simulator version comes out, it will automatically download all needed definitions.

This will make the update process quick and hassle-less. No more need to redownload and reinstall the product.
just press the Download button and in a matter of seconds you have the latest version.

The Update Tool will work with the F1 GTN V1.10 and up.

When a new version of FSX:Steam or P3D comes out, open the F1UpdateTool from the Desktop shortcut or from Start/All Programs/Flight One Software

After the tool loads, if a new version definitions file is available, it will display the information on the screen.
Press the Download button. As soon as the download finishes (almost instantly), a message box will come on the screen with the products that will benefit from the update.

A list of supported FSX/P3D versions will be displayed in the tool.
Please note that even though all versions are displayed, the GTN will work work in the specific flight simulator version if you have a valid license.
This tool will not enable the GTN to work in P3D if you only have the FSX license.

We hope that this tool will make it easier and faster for users to have full GTN functionality in future versions of FSX/P3D.