FSDreamTeam have today released a new public Beta update. With the update comes a long list of fixes and additions. The biggest change is the new fueling system that has been brought in. This includes animated refueling trucks! To download the public Beta head over to the FSDreamTeam Forum. And thanks to Nabarun De Vreeze for letting us use his photos of the new update!

New Features and Changes:

⦁   “NEW REFUELING SYSTEM. Major Update!! The refueling system has been completely rewritten, with two new Fuel Truck models with a Trailer and animated crew, and a sytem that actual refill the airplane with realistic timings (can be accelerated) and multiple trips according to real world specifications.
⦁   Catering operator menu, when multiple choices are available.
⦁   New Ladder for Cargo airplanes crews.
⦁   New Ground Operators added: DHL, Jet2.com, Aviam Ltd., Split Airport, Toscana Aeroporti, Aerocare, COPA, Q Catering.
⦁   Better detection of Avatar mode disabled in P3D General settings (requires P3D and above).
⦁   Include SODE 1.4.1
⦁   Bugfix: Fix requestDataPeriodic zombie requests.
⦁   Bugfix: Fixed a problem in the Aloha and KLM liveries.
⦁   Bugfix: Fix airline operator randomization bug.
⦁   Bugfix: Fix “GSX has been disabled on this airport by user settings” message when purchasing GSX.”


For more information visit the FSDreamTeam Forum.