FSDREAMTEAM have just released there latest installer for GSX, It’s a public beta available to all users. It’s stable enough for FSDreamteam to feel that the public can use it. Download the new GSX installer here.

This is what FSDREAMTEAM posted on their forums below:

“We had another GSX update today and, since we are very close to consider Couatl 3 to be out of Beta, we update the GSX Full Installer too, so you can test the very latest version with a single installation, which includes the latest GSX with all the latest vehicles, with the latest Couatl 3 included.

The today’s update is mainly to increase reliability in abnormal situations.

For example, Couatl doesn’t crash anymore if you have a problem in your FSX.CFG, so the Simobjects\Misc folder cannot be seen by FSX, for example if you commented it out, or another installer has removed it. GSX won’t still work in that case, but at least Couatl won’t disappear from the “Addons” menu, and the error will be logged.

Also, we made a change in the user interface, so the programs will be hopefully easier to use.

Before this update, if you had (for example) GSX and XPOI installed, the menus would look like this:

Couatl powered products -> Check Live Update
Key Mappings
Restart Couatl
GSX - Settings
GSX - Customize Aircraft
GSX - Customize Airport positions
XPOI - Settings

This might have been a problem when adding future products, because FSX has a limit of maximum 16 sub-menus under an user-created menu, but there’s no limit on the number of first-level menus, so we changed the structure to have each plugin its own menu, like this:

Couatl Settings->Restart Couatl
Key Mappings...
Show YouControl Menu   Ctrl+F12

Live Update    ->Disable Addon
Check Live Update

GSX            ->Disable Addon
Customize Aircraft
Customize Airport positions
Show GSX Menu by-passing YouControl   Ctrl+Shift+F12

XPOI           ->Disable Addon
Show List of nearby Wikipedia POIs   Ctrl+F9
Toggle display of Wikipedia page   Ctrl+F10
Toggle XPOI commands menu    Ctrl+F11

As you can see, this is more rational, and the menu will remind you of which keys are assigned to each plugin (will display the updated value if you customized the keys using the Key Mappings menu ).

The menu entry that indicates the hotkey assigned to each plugin, in addition to serve as a reminder, it will ALSO trigger the menu action. This is useful in case, for example, if you cannot call GSX with the hotkey, because of a key conflict, you can STILL call GSX from the menu, at least while you figure it out which other addon is causing the conflict.

There’s also a new menu option, that allows you to Disable each plugin for any reason. Some users don’t like the Live Update, others would want to disable GSX for troubleshooting, etc. The “Disable Addon” will allow you to easily disable a specific addon. It was already available before, by setting “Disable = 1” in the Couatladdons.ini, now it’s also accessible from the menu, which will also trigger an automatic “Couatl Restart”, so the updated configuration will be in effect, without having to restart FSX.

Other improvements in Couatl:

– The “Key Mappings” menu that will not allow you to intentionally cause a key conflict by assigning the same hotkey to more than one product, and a check that if you already have an exiting key conflict in your keymapping.ini, it will be restored to all default.

– Couatl.exe knows about some sceneries with a very large number of .BGL, that might slow down the cache regeneration time, for the example the whole FTX_VECTOR folder from Orbx product is now automatically skipped, since it doesn’t contain any airport data needed by GSX.

You can add other areas to be exclude, by adding a line with the following command:

airportCacheExcludeArea = FOLDER_NAME

To be added to the COUATL.INI file in the %APPDATA%\Virtuali folder

FOLDER_NAME is a partial name of a folder to be exclude. If the full path of the area contains that string, Couatl will skip it entirely when regenerating its cache. There’s no need to add FTX_VECTOR, because it’s already “known” by Couatl, but you can add as many areas as you wish, each one on a separate line starting with airportCacheExcludeArea.

– Couatl will not crash anymore if there’s a Simconnect fatal error or exception, but will log the error in the Couatl.ERR file (if you have Logging disabled), or in the Couatl.LOG file, if you have Logging enabled.

GSX improvements:

– The Airplane config editor and the Scenery config editor will automatically disable your joystick before starting. This caused a problem with the airplane slewing away very fast, if the null zone wasn’t set correctly, which is now fixed. The joystick will be re-enabled automatically when exiting the editors.

– A new Pushback truck model is available, the TMX-150

– Several new liveries that were added only to the separate vehicle installers are now included by default.

– Many bugfixes in the FollowMe car logic.


Download the new full GSX Installer here:

It includes the latest Couatl 3 Beta, and all the latest liveries. No need to download anything else.

We are very interested in your feedback about this installer, which we hope might become “official” as soon as possible because, after all this clean up and housekeeping, we are eager to add real new features to GSX!”