Earlier today we stumbled across place holder” page that was posted up on the Flight1 Site for a new product! The GNS 430 and 530 for FSX and P3D. All the information is available below, or on the forums here.

“We are finalizing the development now. So it should be very soon.”
“It is something in development. That is a placeholder page for now. News will be forthcoming as appropriate. The top box is now marked as Coming Soon. I am not party to the development, so I cannot answer much. But if you used the GTN, it is along the lines of that product.”


Flight1 GNS 430 and GNS 530 Introduction

The GNS 430 and GNS 530 series gauges have lead the industry with multitasking, intergrated avionics and cutting edge WAAS navigation for many years. A single GNS 430 or GNS 530 functions as a communications radio (COMM), a VOR/ILS/GS receiver (NAV), and a moving map GPS. Combining one of each makes a common dual-GPS avioncs suite for IFR-certified aircraft.

Product Features

The Flight1 Software GNS series gauges are nearly identical to their real-world counterparts.

  • Smooth Framerate Performance – The GNS Avionics Series is a step above other avionics packages out there, in that it doesn’t use FSX/P3D internal processes to hinder simulation performance. All avionics data structures, calculations, and processes are done on its own using external processes that are separate from FSX. This allows your simulation experience to run smoother and have minimal frame rate or VAS impact overall.
  • Each GNS series gauge features a high-contrast color display that makes it easy to read and interpret pilot-critical information. Quickly and easily see your position realtive to ground features, navaids, flight plan routings, approach procedures and more.
  • Built-in terrain and navigation databases provide a clear, concise picture of where you are and where you’re heading.
  • The navigation database contains location reference for airports, VORs, NDBs, Intersections, Special Use Airspace and more.
  • A detailed basemap shows airports, cities, highways, railroads, rivers, lakes, coastlines, and more.
  • Using information from the built-in terrain and U.S. obstacles databases, the GNS series gauges dispaly color coding to graphicaly aleart you when proximity conflicts loom ahead.
  • Full WAAS Approach Support to fly LPV Glideslope Approaches
  • Terrain Proximity Warnings and Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) alerting
  • Easy-to-use GNS Series Gauge Configuration Utility
  • Quick Access GNS Stack Gauge Controller
  • Full COM/NAV Receiver Integration
  • Pixel by Pixel Accuracy To Real World Avionics
  • Nearly a full representation of the 430/530 avionics systems are included when comparing to real-world counterpart
  • Plus Much More

Product Note: The product does not include keyboard/joystick support for buttons/knobs. Crossfill/TCAD features will be available as a plug-in (for an additional cost) in the future.


GNS Series Gauge Configuration Utility

Up to two GNS 430 and two GNS 530 gauges can be installed and configured in each aircraft using the easy to use GNS Series Gauge Configuration utility. Each GNS series gauge supports full autopilot intergration and the ability to fly WAAS approaches. In addition, each gauge supports seperate flight plans and you are able to switch flight plan navigation sources between gauges. Cross-fill support between GNS series gauges is supported for radio frequencies, NAV/GPS indicator, audio panel data and more (cross-fill support of flight plan data is not currently supported).

The GNS Series Gauge Configuration utility makes it fast and easy to install your new GNS series gauges. In addition, it will automatically scan Flight Simulator for any aicraft that are configured for Reality-XP GNS series gauges and provide you with a way to automatically replace the Reality-XP GNS GNS gauges wth our Flight1 Software GNS series gauges. This allows you to quickly and seamlessly update your Reality-XP GNS-equipped aircraft with our new gauges!

Flight1 GNS Update Tool Included

This is a small tool that will resolve all compatibility problems with future versions of FSX:Steam Edition and Prepar3D.
Once a new simulator version comes out, it will automatically download all needed definitions.

This will make the update process quick and hassle-less. No more need to redownload and reinstall the product.
just press the Download button and in a matter of seconds you have the latest version.

For more information on the tool, click here.