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This is still in VERY early development. Cloud Surf Team say this will be a study level A380 and it may be only compatible with a 64bit version of P3D which may or may not be coming. Obviously we have no idea on release, price etc. They did say it will NOT be releasing within 2017.

Cloud Surf Team posted on their Facebook page:

Well Guys… Been 1 month yesterday since the last post and its fair to say that not everyone was either happy or believed that we were going to be working on something big…
Well we are haha…
The A340-500, we promised big and didn’t deliver for the time being at least
We now can look back on it and can call it, either a complete disaster or a learning curve, we learnt a lot from that project, mainly about 3D modelling, and also about PR and how to handle our public relations….
We have a team of 6 now and are talking to a rather interesting company that is being quite big in the P3D world…
Anyway now it is time for the release… I mean tats what you have all been waiting for…
We have already foreseen some of you will be simply state that we can’t deliver but have some faith and wait a bit…. this is only the beginning….
before i go ahead and say what we are developing let me say we aren’t going to give a release date this time until we are withing a week away of release haha,
This year is going to be big for simulation, with PMDG releasing there spectacular 747 QOTSII, Aerosoft releasing there A330 (hopefully) and QW releasing there 787 (again hopefully)…
So here is another plane that I can nearly 100% say won’t be released in the next 10 months but in the near future most definitely….
The A380

Guys please comment what you think, unless its hate then go do something better with your life and get some positive vibes into yourself….
In the next hour or so I will post some pictures….
For now though go and watch our head of exterior design’s streams which he has started today and will be streaming when he is creating this beast….

After this:

Here are those photos I was talking about 😀
Also a few features we have in store for the A380….
– Cabins unique to the livery (Only in P3D 64bit)
– All 13 A380 variants (haha yes there are 13… more on that to come…)
– Fully functional cockpit… or as real as it can get!
– OIS System

Many more to come… those are just a few we thought may stand out