Blue Sky Star Simulations have released their latest sound pack, for the Flight Sim Labs A320. The sound pack enhances the sounds of the aircraft. With the P3D release hopefully not too far, this sound pack will definitely be a must have. You can pick it up for $15.00 over at their store.

“This sound pack only changes external/internal engine sounds as well as cabin engine sounds

It does not change the original FSLabs code or in any way interfering to it’s work.

In fact, it improves it a lot with conjunction to professionally made engine sounds.

All sound samples were recorder from real IAE V2500 with help of our pilot colleagues

in real operations and multiple run-ups. All volume and pitch data is 1 to 1 exact to IAE V2500

created with mathematical formulas and brought to represent the delight sound of IAE V2500.

It is also created with intent to be installed on professional FAA certified FTD throughout the USA.

With such detailed and exact model as FSLabs A320 you now have a chance to have them on your

PC. Bring up speakers and enjoy!”