AZI Studios are well known for there high quality repaints. There latest edition bring the Captain Sim 767 to the fleet! This is the first part of the package and includes the following airlines:  United, Delta, Gulf Air, Hawaiian and Aeromexico airlines. The package costs 13 EUR and you can get it here

The product description says: 

“High definition repaints for Captain-Sim 767-300 PAX model. These textures are eight times as detailed as the liveries made by Captain Sim. This package provide 5 High Definition textures for Delta, Hawaiian, Gulf Air, Aeromexico and United. The comparison shots will show you the big difference between the default CS paint-kit and our one.

What we did is bring the default Captain-Sim Paint-kit and upscale it 8 times bigger. Then we start to redo everything from scratch. It is a hard work but the results always positive. With the new Bump, diffuse and specular mapping we think we were able to make a realistic look to this beautiful bird than before.
FSX steam edition users You should installed CS 767 correctly in FSX SE and the installer will detect it automatically. Everything will works fine.
United, Delta, Gulf Air, Hawaiian and Aeromexico airlines

Important: after installing the pacakage you will find the old Aircraft.cfg inside file called (Cache) you can find it inside CS_B767-300 file.”