Why has the Aerosoft CRJ been delayed? 

“Because it is not ready. And it’s not one issue but a whole load of issues, some small, some very small, some important. It’s only debugging from now on. They fact we try to hide the fact we do not know when it will be released by showing you nice pictures does only mean the aircraft looks fantastic, lol. And yes, you can fly it from A to B right now. But you got to be a good pilot to work around systems that do not function as they should.

Keep in mind that this is a combined project from Digital Aviation and Aerosoft. We are waiting for delivery of files from DA. Now they are close friends and I have full confidence they will deliver. All the resources we can offer are at their disposal, for example when they were behind with the manuals I took over the completion of some of them. They were aiming for Sept 30 but obviously missed that deadline. Until they give me new data (or a new date) there is not too much I can do or say. I am NOT worried however. ”

Some basic information for you regarding the CRJ found here.

What versions are being developed?

  • Bombardier CRJ-700 & Bombardier CRJ-900 versions.
    (NO CRJ-100, CRJ-200 or CRJ-1000 are planned!) 

Who is developing?

  • Who is developing?Digital-Aviation (DA) and Aerosoft are developing this aircraft in cooperation.
    (Digital-Aviation is in charge of programming, Aerosoft 3D-modelling, texture-work and publishing)

What platforms is it being released on?

  • Flight Simulator X
  • Flight Simulator X Steam Edition
  • Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D 2.5 and forward (and quite possibly 3.x)

What system-depth are simulated?

  • Far more system depth than the Aerosoft Airbus.
  • Detailed-leveled ‘study-sim’ of the CRJ-700/CRJ-900 airplane.

Internal systems?

  • NO 2D-panels will be included! ONLY Virtual-Cockpit (VC) is available. 2D displays are available.
  • Fully functional FMC with SID/STAR capability and upgradable navigation-data. (NavDataPro & Navigraph supported)
  • Fixed lighting in VC. (Not level adjustable).
  • Connected Flight-Deck MIGHT be included. (IF so, not in initial release)
  • Weather-Radar included. Similar in functionality to the one in PMDG 737NGX & 777 version. Will require ActiveSky Next to function
  • Weights both in kilos (KG) and pounds (LBS).
  • Fully working wipers. (Fast, slow and interval).
  • Failures are not simulated.

External model?

  • Highly detailed external model of the Bombardier CRJ-700 & Bombardier CRJ-900.

External applications?

  • Livery Manager and Load-manager included. (Known from Airbus series).

Other interesting information

  • No! There will be NO wing-flex implemented! :)
  • Paint-kit available.
  • Extensive and detailed manuals.
  • Download-version released first – then Box-version a few weeks later.
  • Thanks to Mathijs: Shortcuts information here

Liveries on release:
Bombardier CRJ-700

  • Lufthansa Regional
  • American Eagle
  • Air France
  • Lufthansa Regional Star Alliance
  • United Express

Bombardier CRJ-900

  • Lufthansa Regional
  • US Airways Express
  • Air Nostrum
  • Delta Airways