The Aerosoft A330! The one of many aircraft we are looking forward too. Earlier today, some screenshots,  as well as some information was shared in regards to the project. First off, release date is expected to be in 2016, but this could change. On initial release the A330 will only feature the A330-300 with the Rolls r\Royce engines. Aerosoft are unsure whether they will expand the fleet or keep it limited. For those who have a wing flex fetish, yes it will have wing-flex. What else do we know? Well the MCDU’s used for the A330 will be separate MCDU’s. The two MCDU’s uptop are separate, and the one on the bottom will be used for non realistic stuff like fuel/doors etc etc.

Aerosoft also stated that a Connect to Flight deck feature will be implemented into the A330, which means long haul shared cockpit! Aerosoft also stated that they are seriously considering an EFB for charts etc. Shared cockpit with EFB’s? Yes please!

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To be clear about a few issues:

  • Release is expected in 2016 (but hey, shit happens)

  • We start with the A333 with RR engines but we might expand, nothing decided yet though, a full coverage of all possible models is not our goal

  • As with the current busses we focus on the task of the pilots as this allows us to make an realistic product for a reasonable price.  We do not include anything that does not occur at least once every 5000 hours of flight

  • As with the current busses we will try to include many features that are normally only added with other add-ons

  • And yes it will have wingflex.”