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FSimStudios – Announce Calgary!

FSimStudios, who released Toronto City earlier in the year, are off to another venture into one Major Canadian airport that still has not been done, Calgary...

BTDSims Adelaide – Looking Incredible!

We welcome a new developer to the FlightSim community, and judging their preview pictures, these guys are looking beyond incredible. For first time scenery ...

X-Plane 11 – This Holiday Season!

X-Plane 11 is looking good. Really good! Earlier today they released yet another teaser showing the lighting, reflection and fog. You can find what's new in X-P...

Flight Sim Labs – October 2016 Update!

Flight Sim Labs are back with another update, this time covering the P3D release of the long awaited A320, as well as what's going to be happening next. You can...

Orbx Valdez Pioneer Field Released!

Orbx are back with yet another absolutely stunning release. Valdez, a small town located in southern Alaska known for its famous marine life and glaciers. I...